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Backgammon is one of the oldest games in the world and is thought to have originated in the Persian Empire. It is considered to be the oldest game still played today.

This is a game played by 2 players and it is played on a board which is made up of triangles called points. The basic idea of the game is to win by moving all your own pieces from your points, into the 'home board'.

This is done with each turn by way of rolling a pair of die and moving your pieces according to the value of the roll.

Each play has a direction to move and along the way you can hit on opponents pieces causing them to have to restart that piece again, and once you have moved all your own pieces onto the home board, you can start to bear your pieces off.

This is the process of throwing die and moving pieces off the board until all your pieces are off. The first person to do this is declared the winner.

During a money game of backgammon, there is an agreed wager for each point. Every game starts at one point, and while the game is played, a player is allowed to suggest a doubling of the wager. The player offered the double can refuse, at which point the game is conceded and the bets are paid. If accepted, the game resumes at the raised stakes.

Backgammon is a game of skill and you can try your hands at this game for real money online at our recommended site below.


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