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Of all the fun and cheap ways to win money there is one that stands out and that is instant win games. These games can be found all over the world and they are always a blast. There are so many kinds to choose from so no matter where you live or what kind of money you have to spend you will be able to find some great instant win games to play at your leisure.

Here are some of the top instant win games that you may want to play:

Scratch offs
Many different countries have these games and they are generally very cheap to play. They range from £1 To £20 in most cases and the prizes can range from £1 to hundreds of thousands of pounds all depending on the game. In some places the proceeds of the money go to different charities and sometimes it goes straight to the government, it all depends on where you live. No matter which games you choose it will be fun and all you have to do is scratch off the silvery layer to reveal whether or not you have won a prize.

Most scratch off instant win games are simple to understand and all you will have to do is match three symbols or numbers. While this is the most common kind of scratch off it is not even close to the only kind. There are all kinds of popular games being turned into these hot selling little tickets. Games such as The Price Is Right and Crosswords. The variations are numerous and all can be very profitable.

Pull tabs
These are a popular favorite in bars and pubs. They are small cardboard tickets that have strips that are meant to be pulled open. When you pull open the tabs you will reveal the prize if indeed you have won one. They too are cheap and simple but there are many to choose from. Some of these instant win games are as cheap as 25 pence while others cost a couple of quid. The higher the cost of the pull tab the more you stand to win.

Online instant win games
These are the fastest growing options when it comes to the instant win game. Millions of people are downright addicted to these because they are simple and oftentimes they are free. There are all kinds of these games that you can play for free in order to win cash and prizes as well as points that you can use to enter draws for all kinds of prizes ranging from a toaster to trips around the world.

You can of course find plenty of these instant win games online that you have to pay for either. You can win millions of dollar by purchasing these online and they are just as fun as those you buy at a casino or at the corner store.

The next time you want to do a little gambling but you don’t want to trudge all the way to the casino try some instant win games. They are fun and best of all they are affordable.

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